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the 'when you care enough to hit send' fest!

sheafrotherdon is currently holding a Friendship/Flirting/Thinking of You Fest for the SGA fandom, and i thought it was a fantastic idea. the problem? i don't play along in that fandom whatsoever. so i asked if she'd mind if i gave it a go as a multifandom thing, and here we are!

01. go to someecards.
02. choose an e-card from one of the following categories: friendship, flirting, or thinking of you.
03. write fic or make some art based on that e-card. (no min or max length, any fandom/pairing/genre/rating you want! seriously, any: Merlin, RPF, Twlight, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Bandom, LOST, Doctor Who, crossovers, THE LIST GOES ON! if you're into it, write/draw it!)
04. post the story to your journal and then drop a link in the comments of this post.
05. in two weeks, i'll compile a masterlist of everyone who participated.

it's that simple! now in order for this not to fail miserably and for me not to look like an idiot for thinking others might want to do this, people need to PARTICIPATE! and PLEASE PIMP THIS like it's your best girl/boy on the boulevard.
Tags: fest, when you care enough to hit send
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