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sounds a bit fairytale.

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andrew garfield. carey mulligan. ryan gosling. jensen ackles. robert downey, jr. paul rudd. ben barnes. robert sheehan. freida pinto. david tennant. jeffrey dean morgan. zoe saldana. karen gillan. so many i think i'm forgetting at least fifty. CJ. girl. 29. california. part-time writer. full-time fangirl. college student lolol about that. random. likes to make lists. in love with pie. fandom whore. is mentally a 12 yr old boy (sometimes 8). stubborn. falls in love with fictional characters far too often. just a little crazy (in a good way). supernatural. the social network. true blood. doctor who. generation kill. never let me go. merlin. band of brothers. how i met your mother. alice in wonderland. leverage. the boondock saints. torchwood. life on mars. LOST. the pacific. the princess bride. ferris bueller's day off. glee. disney. wonderfalls. the goonies. lord of the rings. pushing daisies. fight club.

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